Terms and Conditions

• All fees are due at the time services are rendered either by your company check, American Express, Visa or Master Card.  Arrangements must be made at the time your shoot is confirmed.

• All rates are based on portal to portal from Las Vegas, i.e., we’re on the clock when we leave Las Vegas and off the clock when we return
• Shows/shoots within Las Vegas are not subject to Portal to Portal

• A 100% cancellation fee applies for cancellations occurring with less than 72 business hours notice or less.  Weekends and after regular office hours (LATE evenings) are not classified as business hours/days.
• For Example: A shoot beginning on a Monday must be cancelled no later than the previous Tuesday.
**Weekends are not classified as business days

• If an operator is called for the same client within eight hours of the end of the previous call for the same client, then the operator will be in short turnaround. It is highly suggested that if you know your schedule in advance that onsite accommodations be provided for the operator, i.e., a hotel room
• Short turnaround will continue until reset by nine hours off property or the end of the final call for the client, whichever is sooner (this includes the portal to portal time)
• An operator on short turnaround will be paid at the overtime rate on the following day

• An operator will incur a meal penalty equal to one hour of overtime if a break is not provided after 5-1/2 consecutive hours on-the-clock
• The overtime rate is applied until such break is provided. A working lunch is acceptable only if agreed to by the operator.

• You receive one-half hour script prep for free with each day booked provided we receive your script 24 hours or more prior to the day the shoot begins
• An “Additional Text Preparation” charge applies to time spent preparing scripts beyond the allotted free prep
• There are no additional charges for changes on the day of the shoot while on-site and on the clock. BUT, typing a full script while on show site is a No-No. (See Delivery Media)
**You must supply your own writer or script supervisor. We DO NOT take dictation in lieu of receiving a proper script. Our operators are professionally trained technicians.

•Microsoft Word documents are the preferred format. (NO PDF, POWERPOINT or EXCEL files)
•Avoid complicated formatting (i.e., multi-column, film/screen format, etc.)
•Ideally, isolate the talent’s text by stripping away edit, camera, EFX cues

•E-mail your Microsoft Word file at least 24 hours prior to your event to bookings@jcprod.com
•For onsite delivery, bring USB Flash Drives (Mac or PC are acceptable) with proper time allotted for the operator to format. We recommend you bring TWO!